Our Services

Puppy and Kitten Wellness Exams

When you welcome a new puppy or kitten to the family the first veterinary visit is critical to ensure a healthy start in life.  Puppy and kitten wellness consultations consist of a series of 2 or 3 visits every 3-4 weeks.  At each visit the doctor will perform a full physical exam to check for evidence of illness and to ensure no congenital or inherited problems are present.  If the pet is healthy the doctor will vaccinate against infectious diseases and recommend testing or medication for common parasites.  The doctor and staff will also discuss such topics as training and behaviour, neutering, dental care, nutrition, micro chipping, and pet insurance.

Annual Health and Wellness Exams

Pets, just like people, need annual examinations to ensure optimal health and to detect early signs of disease.  Annual wellness exams start with a nose-to-tail physical where the doctor assesses conformation, skin and coat, dental health, muscle and skeletal health, weight and nutrition.  The doctor will also assess the pet’s lifestyle and risk exposure, and determine which vaccines and preventive medications are required to keep your pet healthy.  Wellness exams may include blood and fecal testing to detect illness.  The doctor will also address ongoing medical or behavioral issues.

Senior Wellness Exams

We recommend that senior pets have twice-yearly visits to detect and treat medical health issues.   Some common diseases in older pets include arthritis, diabetes, kidney and liver disease, thyroid disease, cancer, vision loss and hearing loss.  Diagnostic tests may be recommended to detect these problems. Treatments are available to help manage many conditions and increase your pet’s enjoyment and quality of life.  Healthy older pets can benefit from regular check ups and the support that our doctors provide as they age.

Disease Management and Long-Term Care

Some pets will develop chronic conditions that require special care.  Our veterinarians will work with you to develop a personalized health care program for your pet.  This includes monitoring the progress of diseases with physical exams and diagnostics, and providing appropriate treatments, medication, diet, and exercise recommendations.  Our doctors will take the time to explain the disease process to you so you can feel better prepared to treat and medicate your pet at home.  Establishing a relationship between your doctor and your pet will improve the quality of your pet’s life and your relationship with them for years to come.

End of Life Consults and Aftercare

Nearing the end of your pet’s life you may have questions about when and how to make the difficult decision to say goodbye.  Our veterinarians can provide comfort and support during this decision making process.  At South Shore we make every effort to accommodate special requests such as home visits.  We offer cremation, aftercare services, and urns or item commemorating your pet’s life.  We know how tough it can be to make an end of life decision for a beloved member of the family and we are here to support you during this time.


The doctors at South Shore Veterinary Clinic perform surgery at the clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Patients are monitored carefully by Registered Veterinary Technicians throughout surgery and recovery.  They are provided with warming blankets to maintain their body tempurature and appropriate pain medications to ensure they are comfortable at all times.  Each surgery patient has a discharge appointment scheduled at the end of their procedure at which time the doctor and technicians provide detailed information about home-care and post-operative recovery.


Oral care is very important for our pets.  Many dogs and cats will require dental cleaning and tooth extractions over the course of their lifetime.  Dental disease can be very painful and cause inflammation, oral bleeding, and infection.  This can lead to difficulty eating, grooming and playing.  Our veterinarians will discuss oral care during your pet’s yearly wellness exam.  Dental cleaning and extraction procedures can be performed on site by appointment.  You can have your pet’s teeth assessed during any regular appointment.  Ask our veterinarians how you can maintain your pet’s oral health.


We ask that accounts be paid at the time when services are rendered. For your convenience we accept Interac, Visa, MasterCard and cash as methods of payment. We do not accept current or post-dated cheques.

We recommend that pet owners consider applying for pet insurance. A list of providers is available in the frequently asked questions section of our resources page.