Pet food 101: Learn how to read pet food labels.

Given the sheer quantity of information available today about pet food, and the number of different brands, it can be difficult to know how to provide your pet with optimal nutrition for their species, age, weight, and activity levels. The best source of information on proper pet nutrition is your veterinarian; however, for those who are interested there are also some good resources available online.

The following links provide some information on how to read pet food labels, such as:

  • How to know if the food you are feeding is nutritionally balanced
  • Understanding the numbers contained in the guaranteed analysis
  • The meaning behind how food is named
  • Explanations for ingredients found in pet food (e.g. ash, wheat gluten, by-products)

Reading the Guaranteed Analysis:

How pet food is named:

Learn more about pet food:

Canadian Food Inspection Agency:

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