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Hi, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Doctor Liz Layton. I am new to the team at South Shore Veterinary Clinic, having started in April. I grew up in Holland Landing so I am familiar with the specific pet health needs of the Keswick/ Georgina / East Gwillimbury area. I graduated from vet school in 2005 – this year marks 10 years in practice for me. My special interest is dentistry, so don’t be surprised if I talk about your dog’s teeth- I tend to geek out a bit. I also enjoy repairing lacerations, draining cat bite abscesses (Yeah, I know the last one is weird) and other internal medicine and surgery cases.

My oldest child has four legs and a tail (yeah, he’s a cat (=°·°=)); my youngest 2 children have only 2 legs and very little fur.  It is with the perspective of a mom that I approach veterinary practice.

Getting and keeping our furry kids healthy can impact the health of our entire family.  The more we get to know each other, (families, hobbies, activities and even medical conditions) the better job our South Shore team can do tailoring recommendations to your unique family.  From parasite risks and vaccine recommendations to surgical procedures and diet choices, we can be a part of keeping everyone healthy and happy. So go ahead and tell us about what your kids or grandkids are up to and chat about what you are doing this weekend…it could be good for your family’s health.

I will be updating my blog every few weeks with veterinary news, interesting anecdotes and cases and tips- I will share any pet related life hacks I come across. I can answer any general questions you may have so don’t be afraid to ask. ………..Dr. L

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Dr Layton graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2005 and began work in mixed animal practice. Dr. Layton’s special interest is dentistry but she enjoys a variety of internal medicine and surgical cases.


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