Halloween Hazards – Let’s Keep Pets Safe


Halloween can be a fun holiday for the family and many pet owners love to involve their furry companions in the festivities. However, there are many hazards that are important to consider so we can keep our animal companions safe during the evening.

  1. Pets can become frightened from all the activity – make sure your pets are kept indoors, or in a well confined backyard enclosure, to avoid runaways.
  2. Pets can become territorial when strangers approach the house – keep animals away from the front door if you are inviting trick-or-treaters to your home.
  3. Candy can make your pet sick and chocolate can be toxic – keep all treats safely out of reach from pets.
  4. Decorations can attract the wrong kind of attention from pets – some pets will ingest decorative items such as plastic and strings. This can create potentially serious health risks.
  5. Costumes are fun but make sure they are safe – if you are using a costume for your pet, never leave him or her unsupervised while they are wearing it. Make sure costumes are comfortable and not constricting, and that no small pieces can be ingested.

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